About the Kitten

Pleased to meet you.

My name is The Kitten.

My weapon of choice is The Gun.

At present the things I write about will be sporadic and unconnected.

I came to WordPress on the advice of a creative writing guidebook I read. With any fortune I hope to author a novel and succeed in getting it published.

If wishes were fishes, however, all cats would have a feast, so rather than just wishing, I intend to drive myself towards my goal. Perhaps I will post my work here, or perhaps I will use this as pure practice. I am not sure, but that will make it all the more intriguing where this page ends up.

For now, I will say, I wish you well noble reader and hope you will respond thoughtfully to the words you see before you. I will need your guidance in my quest to become a world class author.

Au revoir!

The Kitten with a Gun


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