Review on Evid3nc3’s documentary entitled ‘Why I am No Longer a Christian’

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant series. Thought-provoking and utterly polite.

I would love to spread the word on my Facebook, but I am a bit hesitant seeing as was only a few days til Easter last time I wanted to, and I have a lot of Christians on my page, and at the moment things are dramatic. Perhaps I will wait for just after. When things settle.

I strongly urge everyone to spend some time watching it, whether you are Christian, Atheist, Agnostic or Other.

It is a strongly insightful examination of the development of a religion and how an individual reacts and interacts with their own faith. It also is full of historical insight in to the story of Christianity, and I think many Christians who have a deep faith will not have any problem with listening to the whole series and still believing. I wish I had found this series years ago.

I certainly still believe in a kind of divinity to the world around us. There is a lot to be said for the specialness of human consciousness, which I think is a kind of divine occurrence. Whether you believe matter came first and evolution provided the stepping stones, or whether you believe that the divine spark led us to attain consciousness, I think is just a matter of nuance, and a mystery that our tiny human brains cannot completely compute.

I am waffling.

Please watch the series and have a peek at Evid3nc3’s blog here:

It is absolutely worth your time.

A bientot!
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